PharmaQ Rinopanteina Nasal Ointment 10g

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The Rinopanteina, a Nasal Ointment and Drops, protects the nasal mucosa which are constantly exposed to abuse decongestants, dry environment, treatments with spray, rhinitis, surgeries etc.


The Rinopanteina: Soothes, Protects, regenerates

With the D-PANTHENOL lubricates and preserves the moisture of the nasal mucosa With Vitamin-A enhances the creation of new epithelium

With OILS PARAFINIS relieves symptoms of rhinitis


Rinopanteina Ointment:

After surgery to prevent crusting and enhance the reconstructive operation.

In cases of dry and / or atrophic nasal mucosa.

Combined with supreme / fair solutions to address the symptoms of rhinitis.

Directions: Apply a small amount of cream 1-3 times daily and gently massage the inside of each nostril, to spread the cream everywhere.


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