Pharmasept Kid Care - Επίθεμα Ευκαλύπτου, 6Τμχ

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The scontains etheessential eucalyptus oils, minta and pine that help and release breathing, while at the same time have a refreshing effect.
- Ideal for children and adults
- Contains no pharmaceutical substance
- Placed on clothes or pillow

Active Ingredients:
Eucaybean, Mint & Pine Oil
They help and release breathing by giving quiet sleep throughout the evening, while at the same time having a refreshing effect.

Lemon & Carnation Oil
They help relax before bedtime.

Eucay savement padwith herb extracts that helps breath quiet sleep all night.

Instructions Use
Apply the ssspad eucalyptus 30cm from the face.

For external use only.
It is intended for use in clothes or on the head of the bed but not directly on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes in general.
Keep it away from heat sources.
Avoid placing it in the environment.
It can cause an allergic reaction of the skin. If you seek medical advice, display the packaging or label of the product. In case of irritation or skin rash seek medical advice.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.
Do not pollute the environment. Throw the box in the recycling bins.

Content - Packaging
6 pads measuring 5,8 x 5 cm each, in individual packages.

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