Power Health Classics Platinum Range Vitamin E 400iu 30Caps

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Supplement with Vitamin E

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is a fat-soluble substance , strong antioxidant which helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Occurs normally in vegetable oils such as wheat germ oil , olive oil and generally in foods of plant origin. The name comes from the Greek words "interest " ( birth, creation ) and " fetch " because the lack of it early on associated with infertility.

It is essential to :

Powerful antioxidant protecting cells from free radicals

Protection of vascular and heart

Cell regeneration and healing of the skin

Antithrombotic action

Proper muscle function

It is suitable for:




Women and men of reproductive age

The adequacy of vitamin E:

Prevents thrombosis and cardiovascular disease

It treats skin dryness

Increases the rate of healing of skin diseases

Relieves athletes of pain after intense exercise

Improves the fertility of men and women

Helps protect vessels

Helps to maintain healthy tissues of the skin

Improves overall physical performance

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