Power Health Rescue Night Spray 20ml

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Power Health Rescue Night Spray 20ml

In emotional moments Rescue Night Spray is the relief you need.

The Dr. R. Bach for these emergencies has created a unique blend of flower essences (Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, White Chestnut and Rock Rose), in malic acid solution.
With composition consisting of pure distillate of nature based on flowers and plants calms the soul and helps to see a more clear thinking things.
The Rescue Remedy is able to fill you with positive emotions and parallel to relieve mental tensions.
It does not contain alcohol.

Instructions for use
Turn the spray pump before use. Bring in your mouth the mouth and spray onto your tongue 2 times. Avoid spraying the eyes or the neck. Repeat as necessary.
Avoid use without medical advice during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Keep away from children and temperature <25C

Content - Packing: 20 ml Spray