Sanotint Classic Tiziano Red

Product Sku: 8870

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The herbal SANOTINT is an extremely gentle and safe hair care product. Contains chrysafenioy extract of millet, rich in silica, very important for the health and protection of the hair, olive, Grapeseed extract, oak and yet, CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE and biotin, two nutrients that give silkiness and bright color.
The SANOTINT guarantees:
-Perfect cover of white and color does not fade
-M you can mix two or more colors to achieve your own unique hue.
-Extremely small risk of allergy.
-Good price-quality ratio.
Does not contain: Ammonia, p-phenylenediamine, parabens, heavy metals, animal derivatives, preservatives, paraffin, formaldehyde, silicone, alcohol, GMOS (mutant derivatives).
Contains only 2% hydrogen peroxide. With the approval of the EMEA.
The SANOTINT CLASSIC thanks to the revolutionary combination of herbal ingredients, guarantees perfect coverage of white hair from the very first application. Easy to use, no dripping, no fade, guarantees a long-lasting colour and hair healthy, soft, live
Available in 30 shades

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