Schweden Bitter 20ml

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The elixir "Schweden Bitter" is Maria Treben''s greatest creation and has been recognized worldwide as the main ally of any therapy.
It is a 100% natural product, the alcoholic extract of 16 herbs.
It has no side effects or contraindications. It makes an effective contribution towards the maintenance of mental and physical health and well-being.
Its formula is attributed to Paracelsos and was discovered in an old manuscript.

Its multifarious uses, its toning and healing properties, its rich aromatic taste and its immediate effectiveness make it an invaluable addition to every meal.
A delicious aperitif: It puts you in a good mood, banishes the tiredness of the day and prepares your taste buds and body for every gastronomic delight.
Break between courses (trou normand): It clears the taste buds, speeds up digestion and aids the transition from one dish to another.
The perfect conclusion: Straight or with ice, it ensures good digestion, gives a feeling of lightness and heightens your appetite for further activities.
If one gets carried away and drinks a bit too much, a little Schweden Bitter will sober him up right away.

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