Sebamed Urea Lotion 10% 200ml

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Relief lotion. For Very Dry & Dehydrated Skin.

* No colourants
* No mineral oils
* No silicone oils
* No PEG-compounds

* Product features: 10% urea concentration for immediate relief of dry skin symptoms: itching, scaling and tightness
* Natural, skin-related ingredient for effective penetration
* Humectant capacity prevents excessive moisture loss
* Kertatolytic effect encourages scaling and desquamation for smooth skin
* Intensive hydration to restore moisture balance
* Essential natural lipids of skin-related lecithin, sweet almond oil and triglycerides to restore the lipid balance

* Indications: Symptoms of very dry skin: itchiness, scaling, sensation of tightness
* Skin distressed from lipid erosion
* Deterioration of the skin condition, barrier breakdown
* Loss of moisture balance, dehydration
* Roughness, desquamation of the horny layer of the skin

Content: 200 ml

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