S.J.A. Delousil Hand Clean Gel

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Mild hand antiseptic Delousil Clean cleans hands without water with Pro Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera. It contains 70% alcohol, alcoholic solutions used without water are ideal for antiseptic hands, significantly reduce the number of microbes, act quickly and cause less irritation to the skin than the frequent use of soap and water. contain moisturizing elements that maintain good skin conditions.

Mild hand antiseptic.

Instructions Use
Spread a small amount of Delousil Clean in your palm and rub your hands until it dries. Once dry you have clean hands and mild antisepty. Delousil clean after drying leaves a feeling of coolness and freshness. The product has moisturizing and emollient action, thanks to the ingredients it contains. Delousil alcoholic solution thanks to its composition prevents the development of microorganisms. It doesn't cause dry skin. It can be used at home, in school, in the office, in the infirmary. Antiseptic hands are necessary after patient care operations that can lead to contamination of the hands of the medical staff.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from kids.
Do not use after 18 months after the first opening.

Content - Packaging
Available in a container with a 1000ml pump as well as in a 100ml container with spray application


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