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Food supplement with Vitamin B-12 Solgar company


The dietary supplement of Vitamin B-12 1000ug of Solgar is a natural source of vitamin B-12 and is beneficial for people who do not receive dietary their amounts of vitamin B-12 is necessary for the body or for those who are deficient in this element . Individuals with the highest percentage lack of vitamin B-12 in the body as the elderly, vegetarians and those who have digestive disorders. This formulation is a helper to the smooth production of red blood cells, while noteworthy is the contribution to the good functioning and integrity of the cardiovascular and nervous system. Also serves to anemia due to vitamin B-12.

H Vitamin B-12 1000ug of Solgar:

• metabolize homocysteine promoting heart health.
• Ensures that the immune system to function properly.
• Reduces fatigue and tiredness.
• Enhances the amount of vitamin B-12 in vegetarians, seniors and people with digestive disorders in which there is a shortage.

Main source of vitamin B-12 are products of animal origin.


It comes in the form of sublingual tablets and administered to adults.
Take 1 sublingual tablet Solgar B-12 nuggets daily in conjunction with meals.
Contains 100 sublingual tablets 1000ug.
Suitable for vegetarians.

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