Sostar The milk Antiaging Eye Cream 30ml

Product Sku: 19608

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Anti-aging eye cream with donkey milk


Intensive anti-aging eye cream, enriched with ass''s milk, shea butter, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, Macadamia oil. Act effectively against wrinkles and visibly reduces dark circles. Nourishes, moisturizes, tones and revitalizes the skin leaving it fresh and radiant. It also contains a small percentage of hypoallergenic paint to cover imperfections.


Use: Apply morning - evening in the area of ​​the eyes.


Packing: 30ml


No parabens


Made in Greece - Greek support the production and use milk only from Greek producers.


The donkey''s milk


The rich composition of milk with high levels of phospholipids protein and ceramides make it excellent for anti-aging, treatment of wrinkles, and for restructuring and regenerating facial with excellent results. Cleopatra made daily bathroom donkey milk. Pliny reports that "gaidourogala erases wrinkles on the skin, makes the skin thinner and retains the white." It matches the breastmilk.

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