Tol Velvet X-Lice Cologne 100ml

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Aromatic lotion for everyday use that protects and pampers hair.
To Tol Velvet School Cologne is a clinically studied fragrance lotion with natural essential oils that protect the scalp and silk proteins that nourish the hair. It has a pleasant fragrance, no rinsing required and no hair grease. For daily preventative use during the school year or the camp.
Protects scalp
Contains natural essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Citronella, Tea tree oil and factors that help to protect the scalp from unwanted visitors.
Soothes the scalp
Chamomile extract and allantoin soothe irritation and mikro generated from itching. The Aloe Vera gel leaves moisturized and soft skin of the head.
Cares and nourishes hair
The silk proteins and provitamin B5 nourish the hair, giving it its vitality and shine.
Dermatologist Tested / Clinical Hospital Attikon thought

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