Tonotil 4 Amino Acid Dietary Supplement

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Recommended for periods of physical or mental fatigue.

ΤΟΝΟΤΙL with 4 amino acids, effectively boosts the organism and improves the mood.

Enhances the appetite, refreshes from physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion, combats nervous tension and aids in recovery after an operation or any illness. In addition, it guarantees the daily intake of important anaplastic compounds (essential amino acids).

It is useful for children and youth who study (especially during examination periods), or those more athletically inclined but maintain a poor diet.

It is freely recommended for children (above the age of 10), adults and the elderly as it has no contra-indications, does not present any side-effects and is completely innocuous.

ΤΟΝΟΤΙL consists of:
Arginine: Arginine is essential for the biosynthesis of proteins (structural proteins, enzymes, blood protein, etc.) Detoxification of the organism.

Glutamine: Glutamine plays an important role in the organism??s metabolism, especially in that of the nervous system. Contributes in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Detoxification of the cerebrum.

Phosphoserine and Phosphothreonine: Contribute to the biosynthesis of nucleic acids and most of the phosphorous-containing proteins of the brain. Due to their phosphorous content, they are used as an energy source for the functioning of the organism.
Hydroxycobalamine: Commonly known as vitamin. Encourages protein biosynthesis and participates in nucleic acid production.

Sorbitol: Sorbitol is a saccharide well tolerated by diabetics thus making its use safe for them.

Deductions: ΤΟΝΟΤΙL supplements any deficiencies in the natural constituents of the cells, without burdening the body with synthetic compounds.

Recommended dosage: Adults and children above the age of 10: one ampoule before breakfast.

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