Vencil Daktylon Gel for tired and swollen legs 100ml

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Gel for tired and swollen legs

Restores the femininity of your feet.

Improves the appearance of the feet. Oxymyrsinis extract, mint, aloe, and escin.

Refreshes and relaxes.


Contains aloe, which improves local circulation and stimulates collagen production. Oxymyrsinis extract (Ruscus aculeatus) rich in flavonoids and has ruscogenin vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory action. The beta-escin improves the microcirculation, increases the elasticity of the films and reduces the permeability of the venous vessels thereby restricts the formation of edema. Peppermint extract stimulates the venous system, while menthol cools and soothes swollen feet. Moreover the Daktylon ® for tired and swollen legs contain moisturizing glycerin and provitamin B5 with soothing and healing properties.



Improving local microcirculation

Limiting edema.

Immediate freshness and relief.

Easy absorption.

How to use:

Spread the legs and buttocks and help better circulation by a short local massage upward movement.







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