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The dietary supplement Vitabiotics includes maswmenes''s Wellkid tablets which are specially designed for children to develop, aged 4-12 years. Each tablet provides a range of 21 essential ingredients, such as vitamins a, B, C, D, E and important minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc, at levels appropriate for children. In addition, it contains a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed. The combination of vitamins a, C, D and e, vitamin b complex and metals such as selenium, can help maintain the proper development of the child, to strengthen the immune system and promotes the release of energy. Iron and zinc play a very important role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system, While extra iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid are necessary ingredients for the production of hemoglobin in blood and consequently for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the body. Vitamin D, magnesium and zinc supports the health of bones and teeth that grow rapidly at this age. Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain the proper functioning of the brain, nervous system and vision, while combined with chromium and selenium can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and blood glucose.
-Maswmenes tablets with wonderful raspberry flavour & lemon
-Composition of a tablet a day
-Contain the sweetener xylitol, which does not destroy the teeth
-Suitable for vegetarians
Dosage & Instructions
A maswmeni tablet daily, preferably with a main meal. The Tablet be chewed and not swallowed. Should not be given to children younger than 4 years old.
Does not contain
Artificial colors, preservatives, gluten, lactose, salt or yeast. Also, do not contain any pharmaceutical substances or hormones.

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