Wise Men Prebiotic Intimate Cleanser Gel, 250ml

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Wise Men Prebiotic Intimate Cleanser Gel, 250ml 

Wise Men Prebiotic Intimate Cleanser Gel, 250ml Gel for daily, gentle & effective cleaning of the sensitive area of the man. Enriched with an innovative active natural antimicrobial formula with Tea Tree Oil, Propolis and Calendula protects against bacterial attacks & reduces unpleasant odors & with prebiotic that strengthens the skin's natural protective flora, nourishes & strengthens natural defenses
Friendly to the normal flora of the male sensitive area
Friendly PH
Studied to prevent allergic reactions, making it hypoallergenic
It has been Dermatologically Tested on sensitive skins
With 91% natural active ingredients
Does not dry out the sensitive area
Strengthens the hygiene of the men's sensitive area while giving a feeling of freshness, rejuvenation & coolness
Propolis with known antimicrobial actions
Tea Tree Oil with antifungal properties
Calendula with antimicrobial action
Aloe Vera with strong moisturizing effects
Way of use
Apply to wet skin by gently massaging
Rinse with plenty of water
Daily Use or as directed by the physician
Medical note
Exclusively & only for External Use
We avoid eye contact
Not in Irritated Area
Away from Children
It is kept in a cool & shady environment
Wise Men Prebiotic Intimate Cleanser Gel, 250ml
Only for men
In a 250ml package
Greek product

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