Wuxi Jiahao Glove, Soft Touch Examination Gloves Vinyl Medium 100pcs

Product Sku: 25222

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Soft Touch Examination Gloves Vinyl Large 100 pieces

Applications: general cleaning, hair coloring, painting, pet care, gardening and home use.

Made of soft vinyl which stretches to get your hand shape giving perfect tenderness.
The gloves are extremely powdered for ease of mounting and removing.
The composition vinyl gloves are recommended as an alternative for people who are allergic to natural rubber.
Ambidextrous gloves fit either hand.
The soft touch gloves made poiotiko under strict control and with the highest standards

Pieces per package: 100
Packing: carton
Construction Country: China (from Wuxi Jiahao Glove)
Size: Medium

Caution: Do not use the Soft Touch gloves aqueous foods (ph> 4,5), acidic foods (pH <4,5) and alcoholic foods, keep the gloves away from children and pets. Store the product in the shade