Xerostom Toothpaste against Dry Mouth, 50ml

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Dry mouth is usually due to disorders of sinus production, resulting from medication (cardiological, neurological, antidepressant, anti-cancer), various diseases (diabetes, Sjoegren syndrome) and other conditions (smoking, radiotherapy). The Xerostom product line with natural ingredients provides relief with a duration of symptoms of dry mouth. Xerostom toothpaste increases sinus production up to 200% and strengthens its flow thus relieving dry mouth and dehydration in the oral cavity.
For daily use with olive oil, allantoin, betaine, panthenol vitamin E that protects, lubricates and soothes the oral cavity and quartz that stimulates salivary flow. At the same time it prevents plaque and caries.
It does not contain sugar or alcohol and is ideal for diabetics and patients with phenylketonuria.
Indications: toothpaste against dry mouth

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Instructions for use
Brush your teeth daily 3 times a day after meals.

Content, Packaging: 50ml