Xerostomia Mouthwash against Dry Mouth, 250ml

Product Sku: 27380

Product information



Dry mouth is usually due to disorders of sinus production, resulting from medication (cardiological, neurological, antidepressant, anti-cancer), various diseases (diabetes, Sjoegren syndrome) and other conditions (smoking, radiotherapy). The Xerostom product line with natural ingredients provides relief with a duration of symptoms of dry mouth.
Xerostom oral solution increases sinus output up to 200% and strengthens its flow by relieving dry mouth and dehydration of the oral cavity significantly. Suitable for daily use with olive oil, allantoin, betaine, panthenol vitamin E that lubricates, soothes and protects the oral cavity as well as citral-induced cyst.

Indications: oral solution against dry mouth

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
For oral use, do not swallow it

Instructions for use
After brushing, use the solution (without swallowing) for 2 minutes. You can dilute 50% using water. It has a non-acidic lemon flavor.

Content, Packaging: 250 ml

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