Youth Lab Cellulite Free Serum 200ml

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Youth Lab Cellulite Free Serum 200ml

Advanced composition
demonstrably improves the appearance and peel back the softness and elasticity of the skin. The fat burner mixture, basic constituents caffeine and xanthine, activates lipolysis process reduces the volume of adipocytes and stimulates microcirculation. New generation oligopeptides enhance restoring elasticity of skin tissue, whereas the green tea extract provides strong acid-resistant and has anti-inflammatory activity.

Apply daily, morning and / or evening Cellulite Free Serum, on clean skin in the treated areas in a circular motion until product is absorbed.

Active ingredients: Patented caffeine complex of biotechnological process, oligopeptide, green tea extract

Dermatologist tested product contains no parabens, suitable for all skin types.
It can be used before the application of moisturizing body cream.

For external use only.
Keep away from children.
Not to be used 12 months after opening

Content: 200 ml (6.76 fl oz.)
Greek product

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