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Futuro Futuro Kamara Support System helps provide support to the leg that suffers from aches associated with plantar fasciitis in the tread, arch and heel.
Pain in the arch associated with plantar fasciitis can prevent you from enjoying daily activities. The Futuro Kamara Support System offers adjustable support with removable pads and provides comfortable compression with tyres and breathable materials. Designed to be worn with or without shoes for additional comfort. You are not one of those who will let the pain of the arch stop you, so treat it dynamically with the Futuro Kamara Support System.

- Contributes to support feet for the symptoms of plantar deeurism
- Ideal for daytime support in sports and daily activities
- Two removable tread inserts offer custom support
- Slim profile - can be worn with or without socks and/or shoes
- Provides compression, support, and protection
- Adjustable
- They are supported by the 3M Expert Group consisting of engineers and health professionals.
- To support the tread, arch and heel

Arch support system, foot, arch and heel support for aches of plantar fasciitis.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from kids.

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1 pair

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