Abc Kinitron HyalurOn Plus Hyaluronic Acid Liquid (30ml)

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The HyalurOn Plus a drinkable hyaluronic acid dropwise is not unique biosynthetically produced, and a high molecular weight, complete absorption by the body.
Protects joints and muscles, yet gives youthful skin without wrinkles.

Keeps joints and ligaments healthy while gives elasticity and youthfulness skin.
HyalurOn Offers:
> Lubrication and protection in joints and muscles, so it becomes slow and prevent the damage and the aging
> Reduction in friction and improve joint mobility
> Protection of the cartilages
> Reducing inflammation of joints and muscles
> Maintaining the structure of the joints
> Anti-inflammatory action
> Help in healing the scars and prevents their creation
> Hydration and eye health
> Moisturizing the skin by increasing elasticity and strength
> Preventing wrinkles appearance

Suggested usage: 1-3 times daily as appropriate take in half a glass of water 7-10 drops HyalurOn (a dropper).

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