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The Acerola is a fruit similar to Cherry, a product of Central America, known as "West Indian cherry. It is rated as one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, containing 100 times more than oranges and lemon, 20 times higher than the guava and 10 times the blackberry. On average, 100g. ripe fruits contain Acerola 17.000mg. vitamin C. For comparison: 100g. Oranges contain only 50mg. vitamin C. Other ingredients are: pro-vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, protein, iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Acerola Powder (Code 860 004): from controlled biological cultivation, produced exclusively from fresh fruits and subject to strict quality controls

The powder can be used diluted in milk, even from children, to protect the immune system.

Vitamin C (which is in large quantity in Acerola Amazonas) are super-antibiotic than antibiotics! Antibiotics active against bacterium-infected, but against even the most harmless flu virus is invalid! (Only in cases of flu complications occurring bacteria help).

The Nobel Pauling was a large amount of vitamin C in each case cold. The L. Burgerstein, food chemist, said that vitamin C helps in epidemic parotitis (mumps or mumps), measles, pneumonia and even meningitis or encephalitis. Your doctor will determine the quantity.

Large amounts of vitamin C is not stored by the body, so as not damage excreted in urine as opposed to synthetic vitamin C. With vitamin C, we have adequate production of antibodies, however symptoms have scurvy, bleeding gums, poor collagen fibers and poor quality of blood vessels.


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