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Amygdala Almond Volos 100ml
The Almond Volos produced by cold pressing, to remain intact nutrients. Not refined, thus maintaining its natural golden color and soft flavor. No impurities or chemicals used during the production.
Suitable for use throughout the body and for every skin type


Remove Makeup

You can use it to remove makeup on the face and the eye area, as it respects the delicate skin of this region, while nourishes and eyelashes.

Ideal for massage
Apply with gentle massage after bathing to damp skin for hydration alone or together with a few drops of essential oil your own choice.

Lips & Nails
Nourishes & moisturizes lips and nails, while improving their appearance.

For loud and shiny hair
Combats dandruff and gives loud and shiny hair when used as a hair mask. Before you wash your hair, apply a few drops of almond oil with your fingertips to massage the scalp.

Treating dry skin and eczema
It provides protection to the skin elasticity, thereby preventing the occurrence of stretch marks, while a natural way to combat eczema and dry skin.

The Almond Volos has important beneficial properties for the body, as an additive to salads and "dips" vegetables. It has a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic) and polyunsaturated fatty acids which help to improve cardiovascular health and has significant benefits as vitamin E which also contains.

Cold pressed Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis)

Content: 100ml / 3.38 fl.oz.

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