Amygdalea Pomegranade Seed Oil Cold Pressed 20ml

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Amygdalea Pomegranate Oil cold pressed (Pomegranade Seed Oil) 20ml

The pomegranate seed oil is produced by cold pressing process to ensure that it remains intact nutrients. To Oil pomegranate with a characteristic and fairly strong smell and golden color. The Pomegranate Oil has strong antioxidant properties. Facing dramatically the skin against free radicals and that is why is considered one of the best natural ingredients to fight the signs of aging. It contains extremely rare fatty acids having the skin positive effect.
The pomegranate seed oil helps balance the skin pH, the firming, moisturizing, increased elasticity of the skin and combat wrinkles.

For external use only. Store the product in a shady and cool place, away from children. Do not use after the expiration date.

seed oil Punica granatum (not refined)

100% natural product

Made in Greece

Content 20 ml