Apipharm Propolis 10% Extract 50ml

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Bees produce propolis through the use of resins and various plant substances in combination with enzymes which they add themselves, in order to use it for the hygiene and the sterilisation of the beehive.


Propolis, due to the flavonoids it contains, it has an important antibacterial action and it acts against staphylococcus and streptococcus, which are responsible for the infections of the buccal cavity. In addition, flavonoids are responsible for its action against the herpes viruses and the adenoviruses.

Propolis acts precautionary against the flu virus, against hepatitis B and also against the cingle herpes. It is proved effective against attacks of pathogenic funguses in the cuticle. It is also recommended for local anaesthetic action (e.g. stings of insects) and achieves the healing of destroyed tissues mainly due to the essential oils it contains. Finally, it has anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory actions.

It is an alcoholic solution, which maintains all the attributes of natural propolis and thus provides the body with the biggest possible absorption of its components.

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