Apivita Orange Essential Oil 10ml

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100 % organic essential oil

For the Chinese , oranges symbolize prosperity and good fortune and called " golden apples " . It has always been symbols of innocence and fertility with the sweet , warm, lively fragrance , which is known to boost energy and lift .

Ideal for dry and mature skin
Rich in d-limonele, which is a powerful antioxidant
It helps in cell regeneration

Fights cellulite and fluid retention
Helps fight the common cold and flu

Spirit and Mind
It is a refreshing essential oil helps to depression and lack of energy . Ideal for stress reduction
Ideal for those who are perfectionists and workaholics and often suffer mental fatigue due to excessive work

Combine with: cinnamon , lavender , rosemary , bergamot , lemon , grapefruit , neroli , sandalwood .

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