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Now, your favorite shampoo, Apivita Tonic Shampoo in a larger 500ml package, with pump for greater ease of use and an even more environmentally friendly bottle with 38% less plastic per ml of use! *
-Strengthens hair against baldness with Hippophae TC and Daphne.
-Offers gentle cleansing with absolute respect to the physiology of the flora of the scalp, with mild cleansing, soapy and Apishield HS.
-It hygienicates the scalp by facilitating healthy hair growth with antimicrobial extract from Propolis.
-Strengthens and revitalizes the root of the hair with a plethora of tonic ingredients: 4 vitamins, wheat and lupin proteins, extracts from ginseng, thyme, China, lavender.
-Hydrates and gives nourishment to the hair, offering shine and volume, with thyme honey and aloe vera.
-Protects from external influences (styling, pollution) with Apishield HS.
-With a special blend of organically grown essential oils of lavender, sage, laurel and nerolli that stimulate and revitalize the hair and mood.
The water has been replaced by an anti-ageing and tonic infusion of Greek rosemary.
Dermatologically tested.
With 89% natural composition

Tonic anti-hair loss shampoo for women, hair loss, increase hair life time, stimulation of new hair growth

Apply a small amount of the Apivita fur's Tonic Shampoo to the scalp. Rinse with plenty of water.
Avoid eye contact. For external use only.

500ml (16.9 fl. oz.)

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