Aquasol Femina Candidiasis, 30ml

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The Fungal Vaginitis (Candidiasis) is a common condition in women and can be unpleasant for their daily lives.

The disease is also transmitted by sexual pathway.
Aquasol Femina Candidiasis is a soothing cream-gel that attaches to the vaginal mucosa creating a protective barrier that helps protect the vagina and normal vaginal tissue.The healthy vagina is naturally acidic and the use of Aquasol Femina Candidiasis helps maintain maximum pH, to maintain the good health of the vagina.

- Reduces the adhesion of harmful microorganisms to the mucosa, thereby creating an adverse environment for them.
- Contributes to rehabilitation and protection of the normal flora of the vagina. A healthy vaginal flora involves reducing the likelihood of repeated vaginal problems.
- Contributes to pH retention, as well as normal humidity of the vagina.
- Relieves secretions, itching, irritation, pain and sensitivity.
- Reduces the risk of relapse

Vaginal cream, vaginal fungal disease, relief from itching, pain, secretions and discomfort, prevention of relapses of vaginal fungal infections

Instructions Use

Applied for relief from symptoms of Fungal Vaginitis in the vagina and in the surrounding vaginal region.
It can also be applied in the vagina using the supplied applicators.
Compatible with the use of latex condoms.
Suitable for treating the partner (external use).
It can be combined with any medication.
Ideal for every woman.
Suitable for women who relapse frequently.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Content - Packaging
5 disposable applicator, total weight 30ml

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