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The Vaginal Atrophy may occur in any woman but is more common in women who are in menopause and due to decreased estrogen levels.

The Aquasol Femina Vaginal Atrophy is a cream designed specifically to combat the symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy but also to prevent its symptoms. It is a local moisturizer that acts as a membrane on the vaginal mucosa, providing relief from symptoms related to vaginal atrophy.

Aquasol Femina Vaginal Atrophy
- Attaches to the vaginal mucosa, creating a protective bar.
- Moisturizes and restores the normal humidity of the vagina.
- Enhances the condition of vaginal flora thanks to the maintenance of hydration in vaginal tissues.
- Contributes to healing of damaged tissue.
- Relieves dryness, burning sensation, pain and discomfort.
- Prevents Vaginal Atrophy.
- Contains natural ingredients.

Treatment of symptoms  vaginal atrophy, Prevention of Vaginal Atrophy

Instructions Use
- Applied to the vagina and surrounding vaginal area for relief from symptoms of vaginal atrophy.
- It can also be applied in the vagina using the supplied applicator.
- For hygiene on a daily basis and maintaining good health in the sensitive area, it is recommended to use Aquasol Femina Vaginal Atrophy Cleansing Foam.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from kids.

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30 ml

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