Asepta Sport White, 5cmx10m

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Athletic Woven, hypoallergenic Asepta Sport Asepta Sport Stickers for any sporting activity that requires a strong restraint. They have a particularly strong and secure holding capability. Their inner surface is covered by a controlled uniform adhesive mass that does not separate by unwinding the strip. They do not leave remnants on the skin when removed, they are extremely easy to cut by hand thanks to the special folds that are present along the length of the strip.
• Self-adhesive woven tape.
• Strong restraint
• Excellent adhesive capacity
• Dental tips for easy cutting
• White color

Athletic restraint tape. Athletic activities. Athletes. Self-adhesive woven tape. Strong restraint. Easy cut.
Dimensions 5 cm x 10 m
Color: White

For external use only.
Keep Asepta Sport in a shady and cool (10C <temperature <25C) place, away from children.
In recyclable packaging.

1 sport suspension Asepta Sport size 5 cm x 10 m

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