Avene Spray Spf50+, 200ml

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Sunscreen spray 50+ of Avene company.

Sunscreen spray, is an integrated series combining MPI-SORB (combination fossil retro MPI and Tinosorb M + S) to the pre-tocopheryl, which is stable pro- molecule of vitamin E, provides very high sun protection on the face and body . Suitable even on light skin. Without contain paraben and silicone, quickly and easily absorbed by your skin, without n ''leave white traces. SPF 50+, sunscreen oil Avene, proved highly resistant to water. Ideal for very sensitive skin, as well as people whose skin often burned in the sun.

Evenly Apply sunscreen spray company Avene, before exposure to the sun.
Updated regularly applying the product in case of prolonged exposure and after each bath.

Do not stay in the sun, from 12:00 to 16:00.
Protect yourself with appropriate clothing, hat, glasses ....
Do not expose to direct sunlight infants and young children.
To maintain the level of protection indicates the index sun protection, may apply a quantity equal to 2 mg / cm² skin, which corresponds to about 36 grams of sunscreen (6 teaspoons of coffee) for the body of an adult.
The product comes in a pack of 200ml.

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