Avent Scf696/17 Natural Polypropylene Feeding Bottle (3m +), Silicone Thimble, 330ml

Product Sku: 27663

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Natural holding, thanks to the broad nipple
The broad nipple in a shape similar to the female chest allows the baby to naturally grasp the nipple, as is the case in breastfeeding, while helping to combine feeding with feeding and breastfeeding.

Unique petals, for a flexible and soft nipple that does not fold
The petals inside the teat enhance flexibility and softness without the nipple folding. In this way, your baby enjoys his meal with more pleasure and comfort.

Advanced system against colic, with innovative dual valve
The innovative dual valve design reduces colic and discomfort, as air enters the bottle and not the baby''s belly.

Ergonomic shape for complete comfort
With a unique shape, this bottle delivers unparalleled ease of grip and hold in any direction for optimal comfort, even for tiny infant hands.

Easy to use and clean, fast and simple assembly
A thin neck that helps fill and clean the bottle. With only a few parts, for easy and quick assembly.

It does not contain BPA

Indications: Polypropylene Feeding bottle with silicone nipple, 330ml, for ages 3m +

Use Natural Bottle only in conjunction with Natural Nipples.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Made in England

Content: 1 bottles of 330 ml with silicone nipple