Avent Scf716 / 00, Dinner Set For Infants 6 Months +

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Dinner set for toddlers.

This is a complete set with what you need for your baby''s food at all stages of development.

Includes a plate with dividers, if you want to feed your baby with various foods and do not want to mix. A bowl large size and a small bowl you supplied for the installation of any food. Furthermore, you are given a spoon and a fork to offer a meal to your baby or to eat alone, without dirty.

Thanks to the bright colors available and in various designs, all products encourage feeding through entertaining learning. The bowl has a non-slip base to prevent leakage of meals, and stains. They sides for easy grip with drawings and numbers up to seven. The spoon has a deep cavity for placing a larger amount of food. Both the spoon and fork is ideal for small hands, because of their special grip for easy grip.

The design of products in collaboration with leading child psychologist, Dr Gillian Harris. All products are made of eco-friendly products, friendly towards the environment and society in the context of Eco-Passport Review for environmental product design requirements. Contains no BPA.

Aimed at young children six (6) months or more.

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