A.vogel Bioforce Cream 35g

Product Sku: 22759

Product information



Thick cream with fresh seven plants from organic farming of Bioforce.
The properties described below relate to the traditional use of the herb
It moisturizes dry and irritated skin
Softens and nourishes the skin cracked and cornified
Contains herbal tinctures of fresh harvest and controlled organic farming
Contains herbs with antiseptic and soothing properties
without parabens
Thick cream with 7 herbs controlled biological cultivation and harvesting fresh.
It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing properties. Optimum care for very dry, irritated, or keratinized "chapped skin" of the face, hands, lips. Proactively sores.
Chamomile, calendula, balsam, sage, avocado, wax, arnica, sunflower, witch hazel

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