A.Vogel Dormeasan 50ml

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Dormeasan 50ml
Tincture combination of fresh herbs: Valeriana officinalis and Humulus lupulus (valerian, hops)
The properties described below relate to the traditional use of the herb
herbal Calm
natural Calming
vegetable antispasmodic
Helps restore natural sleep
Contains tinctures of valerian root and hops controlled biological cultivation and harvesting of fresh
Description - mode of action
Hops - a key ingredient of beer - relieves tension, stress and pain. Hops can calm the nervous system and is wonderful for dealing with problems related to stress. The anxiolytic effect of hop acts and muscles, relieve them from tension.
Valerian is one of the most useful relaxing nefrotonotika we have at our disposal. This fact has been recognized by classical medicine and is included in many medical codes as a sedative. Valerian can be safely used to reduce stress, anxiety and hyperexcitability of the nervous system. It is extremely effective as an aid to treat insomnia, contributing to natural and therapeutic sleep.
As an antispasmodic, Valerian helps to treat cramps, intestinal colic and menstrual pain and as an analgesic indicated when the pain associated with tension (eg headaches).
Contains essences of organic cultivated valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) 50% and also fresh organically grown hops (Humulus lupulus) 50%. Alcohol content: 62% (w / v)
Dosage and method of use
Adults: 25 drops in a little water (optionally can be added and honey), half an hour before bedtime.
Children over 6 years: 10 drops in a little water (can optionally be added to honey), half an hour before bedtime.
anxiolytic effect
Adults: 10-20 drops in a little water, 1-2 times a day. Children over 6 years: 10 drops in a little water 1
once a day.

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