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Salt substitute with very low sodium content, with vegetables and aromatic plants. Herbamare complements your diet with iodine and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. Replaces common salt, flavors and cures your salads and food. Vegetables and herbs containing Herbamare ® are organic and within a few hours of their harvest they come in for processing. Upon arrival, they are hand-cleansed, finely chopped and mixed with natural sea salt. Then it matures for one year to remove the residual moisture through a special vacuum and low temperature process. This curing process allows the flavors and aromas of herbs and vegetables to be incorporated into the crystal structure of salt completely.

• from controlled organic crops
• contains 12 herbal herbs and fresh-harvested vegetables
• contains Kelp algae as natural iodine supplement
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
• without gluten and lactose
• without preservatives and additives
• contains celery

Salt substitute

Sea salt, celery, garlic, cardamom, onion, hops, rosemary, parsley, basil, marjoram and algae of the Pacific Ocean.

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Sodium content: 370mg / 1g


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