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Molkosan 200ml
The Molkosan is prebiotic formulation for daily use serum prepared from whey with a high content of lactic acid.
Prebiotic formulation rich in L (+) lactic acid
Made from milk bio
without calories
Acceptable to vegetarians
Description - mode of action
Prebiotics enhance the proper functioning of the digestive system and help the beneficial bacteria. Thus ensuring a healthy digestive system, helps Molkosan proven cases in bloating, gas, constipation.
Concentrated whey whey acidulant: L + lactic acid, malt extract
Dosage and method of use
Adults and children over 6 years:
Molkosan Dilute 1:10 in a glass of water or fruit or vegetable juice (200ml or so) and stir well. For best results be taken 2-3 times daily.
more information
The history Molkosan: For centuries, healers knew the significant value of natural whey serum galaktozymosis as tonic entire organismou.O serum whey is a by-product of cheese making. When the cheese, the fresh organic milk heated to 100Fkai evzymo specifically added for thickening. The curd is used for the cheese and the remaining liquid is called whey. Whey is rich in precious metals such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus, but are low in magnesium, zinc, vitamins fats and proteins.
The 4th century, Hippocrates granted refreshing "whey" of patients, to improve digestion, blood purification, protect the liver, obesity, arthritis, the treatment of dermatoses, while during the first and second m. Ch. century natural spa therapies with detoxification serum whey shall apply Montedela Torre in Italy with excellent results in diseases of the intestines and severe cases of obesity.
The 1700m.Ch. in Appenzell Switzerland serum whey knows a real renaissance where incidents recorded by leading doctors, among them the famous Christoph Hufeland, leader of the Prussian health service. In these cases anaferetaioti many villagers treat skin problems such as eczema and fungal infections and digestive disorders using whey.
Shortly later ?? health whey cure resorts ?? Switzerland, where precise shearing detoxification with fresh serum applied to their guests, are known around the world.
Doctor A.Vogel (1902-1996) he held in the clinic within 15km from Appenzel after learning about the healing properties of the serum, experimented on the methods of production and then composed the year 1947 a concentrated whey product fresh to can benefit all who had the opportunity to visit Switzerland.
This was the beginning of the story of the famous ?? Molkosan ??. Since then, thousands of packages are used worldwide to date to address problems such as eczema, onychomycosis, skin fungal infections, indigestion, bloating, obesity, diabetes and prediabetic conditions and general body tone.
L (+) lactic acid
In producing the Molkosan, fresh organic tyropoieitai milk with the aid of enzymes. In whey added special bacterial cultures plus L (+) lactic acid. Subtract the residual proteins and Molkosan slowly concentrated in vacuo.
The Molkosan is rich in L (+) lactic acid, absolutely necessary ingredient in the process of digestion. If you think that in a few seconds each time, our bodies produce 50,000 new cells, understand how important value is the quality of our food, to ensure proper absorption during digestion. It is estimated that during our life 30.000kg 50.000kg solid foods and liquid components and various toxins from preservatives, additives, drugs and bacteria into the digestive system. If the function of digestion does not work properly, the whole body suffers from low energy levels, the immune system is underactive, and memory problems and skin diseases often occur.
The L (+) lactic acid, the main component of Molkosan helps entire gastrointestinal system be restarted correctly. The holistic doctors call ?? prebiotic ??. The prebiotic be found in the body before and while taking probiotic supplements to allow the latter to be more effective. Just as the farmer must prepare the soil before planting, so the bowel preparation is necessary and cleaning before taking live probiotics.
The Molkosan immediately stops the adherence of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal walls and helps restore healthy intestinal flora in the development and proliferation of friendly bacteria.
Applications Indications:
The Molkosan is extremely beneficial natural balance means for people who suffer from bloating, food intolerance to lactose and constipation, since the L (+) lactic acid, helps in the breakdown of proteins and lactose, while significantly helps the body to absorption of valuable metals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and enzymes since it increases their bioavailability. Successfully used for cleaning and to strengthen the intestinal flora in individuals suffering from candida overgrowth of yeast and other pathogenic microorganisms after increased use of antibiotics and other drugs.
The Dr A.Vogel suggested taking Molkosan all instances where obesity successfully address the problem of slow metabolism. The Molkosan can be taken every day for a long time after slimming diets stimulates the burning of fat and tones the whole body without any side effects.
Recent studies carried out in Switzerland demonstrating the beneficial effect of Molkosan in diabetic and prediabetic states in high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, atherosclerosis, hypertension, arthritis, rheumatism and joints, since it stimulates and cleanses the stomach pancreas and intestines.
Uses Molkosan comes in two forms.
1 Serum Molkosan: O traditional whey concentrated serum, with its characteristic sour taste, which even today is made according to the original recipe Dr A.Vogel. Always taken diluted in water.
Internal download: A small spoon dissolved in a large glass of water, tea or juice obtained during each meal.
External use: In onychomycosis and skin fungal infections, wetted cotton Molkosan and apply to the area. Cotton can stand up to the nail all night.
2. Flora balance: It is a combination of traditional Molkosan green tea and fiber powder that dissolves in water, it tastes like orange and retains all beneficial for the body features Molkosan.
> Concentrated saline and pasteurized whey protein-free and fat rich in L (+) lactic acid galaktozymosis native (24.5% Molkosan)
> Antioxidant extract of green tea (one cup per 10gr product)
> Soluble fiber (6,1gr 10gr per product)
> fructose
Use: 2 tablespoons (10gr) powder dissolved in 1 pint of water or juice, stirring well. Taken during or after meals at least once a day every day for as long as needed.
Frequently Asked Questions for Molkosan and Florabalance
A new therapeutic approach for the control of infection is no longer the antibiotics but the symbionts.
Divided into prebiotics and probiotics. Impacting the gastric mucosa and affect positively the normal flora of the intestine and the intestinal mucosa.
1 What are probiotics? (Probiotics)
To intestine is an amazing place which has an inner surface greater than 300 square meters - about the size of a tennis court! This surface is covered with a grid consisting of approximately 150 species of bacteria and weighs 1kg. In conditions of good health, these organisms live in harmony and balance between them. When this balance is disturbed, however, (Dysbacteriosis) organisms such as Candida albicans begins to yperanaptysetai doubling the amount of every 20 minutes and leading to digestive discomfort such as bloating, constipation, gas, fatigue, lethargy, fungal infections. It antioxidants exhibit immunogenicity, act directly on immune cells in the body and reduce the proflemonodes mediators. Probiotic supplements contain friendly bacteria that already exist in the human digestive system reduce the number of pathogens and their toxins and strengthen the body''s defenses.
They have been used for a long period of time, reflecting the general belief that the friendly bacteria necessary for good gut health and administration helps to restore and maintain the balance of intestinal flora. However recent studies show that while probiotics are useful to act there is no need for a more fundamental level. Can be effective in replenishing friendly bacteria if there is an environment in the gut that will help you survive and grow.
2 What are prebiotics? (Prebiotics)
Prebiotics such as Molkosan, biologically natural products that create the environment in the intestine where friendly bacteria can find food to thrive and grow. Prebiotics are food for probiotics. Act indirectly by enhancing the concentration of probiotics and their ability to pass intact from the acidic environment of the stomach and by contact with bile acids and to arrive intact in the gut wall to be attached there. Components which are contained in foods and selectively stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut (bifidobacteria-Lactobacilli) and parallel, are nonabsorbable metabolites polysaccharides. Resisting against microbes and thereby reduce infections. Breast milk is considered the first prebiotic that increases protection of the newborn.
A damaged intestinal environment can not sustain and support the growth of friendly bacteria, even if given an additional amount in the form of probiotic supplements. Therefore may be ineffective if the use of probiotics has not previously taken or while a prebiotic supplement like Molkosan or Flora balance which will create the appropriate acidic soil for friendly bacteria that help to improve digestion and restore vitality of the organization.
3 One can use it along with drugs?
There is no way of interaction, because the food is Molkosan.
4. You be given to children?
Children over six years can greatly benefit from the beneficial in properties Molkosan. Children under six years with digestive problems should be monitored by their doctor.
5 When you need to download the prebiotic or Molkosan Flora Balance;
If you respond positively to two or more questions, then you will definitely benefit from taking a prebiotic product.
> Are you often tired and exhausted?
> Take Antibiotics?
> Do you exercise little or no?
> Take probiotic supplements or multivitamins;
> Do you suffer from recurring fungal infections?
> Want to get rid of the extra body fat you have?
> Do you have trouble controlling your weight?
> Do you have high blood sugar, cholesterol, triklykeridion?
> Do you suffer from constipation or diarrhea?
> Do you have an intolerance to foods and lactose?
> Consume coffee or alcohol on a regular basis?
> Do you suffer from poor digestion, bloating, gas;
> Your diet is poor in vitamins and minerals?
> Do you feel the need to detoxify your body?
> Eating sweetened every week?
> Frequently exposed to stress?
> Do you have skin problems? (eczema, acne, fungi)
Molkosan and Flora balance
The tangy freshness of the Swiss Alps
"The moment one learns about the amazing benefits of whey, whey, and knows how to be valued"
A.Vogel (1902-1996)

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