Bema Bio Hair Pro Ampoules for Hair Loss 10pcs x 10ml

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Ampoules for Hair Loss Bema Bio Hair Pro
The Acai marine Glycogen oil and extract of Indian Kino contained in vials ensuring protection against dirt and other external factors. The bulb of the hair is strengthened, helping the hair growth. This improves the strength of the hair, the hair loss is combated and improves the structure and volume of the hair. The results are visible from the first applications.

Instructions for use
Wring your hair after you use the same shampoo and conditioner, and then dry them with a towel. Break an ampoule and massage all over your head until absorbed. Do not rinse.
Use Bema Bio ampoules Hair Pro at least two times a week.
Dermatologist tested product
Certified Eco Bio -ICEA Cosmetic (015 BC 190)

Made in Italy
Content: 10 ampoules Bema Bio Hair Pro each of 10 ml (0.338 fl. Oz)

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