Bema Men’s Deodorant Wood Tea, Spray 100ml

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Men Deodorant Spray long extracts from aloe, lavender and sage rosewater. It is an ideal solution to neutralize body odor without this affecting the natural balance of the skin and without impeding the normal sweating skin.
It is suitable even for sensitive skin. For you who have a busy life and you want to maintain a distinct and pleasant aroma of essential oils, all day. Specifically designed to reduce the risk of skin allergy.

It contains:
> propellants
> alcohol
> allergens
> Aluminum chloride
> Corrosive media

Every man echie a typical perspiration odor coming from their antichtoichous sweat glands mainly peiochi armpit, the perspiration, the type of sweat and characteristics (eg viscosity) and the smell varies from person to person.
The acidity of smell may vary sometimes by several factors (eg stress)

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