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INDICATIONS: Drops for infantile colic from the BioGaia.
Infantile colic is a common but poorly understood and often frustrating problem for parents and carers. Refers to a routine clinical situation inconsolable crying, nervousness and irritability, with greater frequency in the afternoon / evening hours, during the first three months of life in a are otherwise healthy baby. It has been estimated that up to 26% of babies diagnosed with infantile colic.

The drops BioGaia, contribute decisively to the improvement of the above symtomaton infant colic improving the quality of family life. Specifically containing bacterium Lactobacilus reuteri Protectis, a natural Lactobacillus(probiotic) which helps restore balance in the digestive system. The bacterium L. reuteri Protectis has been tested in a series of clinical studies and proved effective and completely safe for both adults and children.
The drops BioGaia product is completely safe for infants and children being clinically proven to reduce colic, improve digestive health and boost the immune system. Clinically documented in GERD, it is easy to administer in infants and children. It does not affect breastfeeding or the taste of food.

Survey Results: 75% success in the treatment of symptoms within two weeks by administration BioGaia Protectis.

DOSAGE: Aimed at infants. The package is available in the form of drops 5 ml. The recommended dosage is 5 drops per day, from BioGaia Protectis

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