Bioplax Aftamed Junior Gel, 15ml

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The Aftamed Junior Gel offers quick relief children from pain caused by ulps in the mouth or injuries from braces.
With bubble gum flavor for pleasant treatment, suitable for children.
-    Alcohol-free
-    Sugar-free
-    With pH like saliva
-    Harmless in case of ingestion
-    -    Can be used by children with orthodontic devices.

Active Ingredients
The key component of the product is hyyronic acid (sodium salt) high molecular weight 240mg/100gr achieving:
- Hepheal and anti-inflammatory action
- Restore of injured tissue

Oral ulcers (aphthalmic), foot-and-mouth mouth stomatitis, repeated ulcerative damage to the oral cavity (recurrent foot-and-mouth stomatitis).  In case of repeated oral ulcers the continuous use of aftamed oral solution may have preventive action against ulcers throughout the oral cavity.

Instructions Use
Apply Aftamed Junior Gel 2-3 times daily, or more often if needed, after meals, for one week or until symptoms disappear.

For oral use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Content - Packaging
15 ml

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