Blanx Pure White Defence Enzymes Toothpaste, 75ml

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Blanx Pure White is a new innovation from BlanX, the new non-corrosive toothpaste with a whitening and antibacterial action that helps restore natural white to your smile.
The unsurpassed synergistic action of arctic lichens, non-corrosive silica and enzymes protects and reconstitutes dental enamel, preventing plaque adhesion and tooth decay. At the same time, it counteracts the proliferation of bacteria that can cause stone, plaque and caries.
Blanx Pure White is a toothpaste that first whitens teeth in a natural and non-aggressive way.
Provides protection against tooth whitening, removes stains from the enamel surface and prevents the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.
Suitable for everyday use.

Toothpaste, whitening, antibacterial action.
For adults.

Instructions for use
Use Blanx Pure White as a regular toothpaste and rinse after use.
Do not swallow.

Store in a cool and cool place (room temperature) away from children.
Insert the cap after use to maintain the product's effectiveness.
In the event of an allergic reaction, seek medical advice.
Do not use after twelve (12) months from its first opening.

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75 ml

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