BlanX White Shock Power White Treatment: Toothpaste 50ml With LED Bite

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The BlanX white shock Power White Treatment is an innovative product that combines BlanX-White shock toothpaste with guard BlanX Led Bite. Enhances the action of toothpaste BlanX-White Shock, with beam of light: whiter teeth from the first use. It offers effective teeth whitening, removing the bacteria that cause plaque and caries, keeping the gums healthy and hydrated.
Does not contain: parabens, PEG, peroxide.
Up to 4 tons of whiter teeth in 2 weeks.
Recommended for treatment up to 4 times a year, for 15 days, aiming to whiten your teeth up to 4 tons.

Whitening system
, teeth whitening, bacterial removal.

Use the toothpaste Intensive whitening Treatment like your daily toothpaste.
Every time the brushing of your teeth is completed, apply in your mouth The guard BlanX led bite, placing in your teeth the transparent plastic and touching it with your lips.
Press the On button and allow for at least one minute to lighten your teeth.

For dental use only.
Store the BlanX white Shock Power white Treatment in a shady and cool (15-25C) place, away from children.

Toothpaste BlanX-White Shock 50 ml
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