Bottle TENSA 500 ml

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Bottle TENSA 500 ml



To always have with us fresh and cool Tensa orthomolecular water with

Thermos bottle TENSA with double walls of stainless steel, & with a lid that secures in a vacuum, without BPA and phthalates, they do not attract phthalates from water. It is completely natural and safe for the environment.

The TENSA Thermos Bottle with a convenient wide-mouth lid that does not drip. Suitable

for gyms, schools, vacations, trips or your workplace.

Its innovative double-wall design and vacuum-insulated lid keep water cool for 12 hours.

The TENSA Thermos Bottle with its high level of quality ensures the thermos from leaks without worrying about it getting wet in our bag or backpack.

Keeps the taste and freshness of Tensa Orthomoric water.


The "Heavenly Water of life", the best water in the world in your home.

Water... the universal essence of life

The most basic nutrient for our psychosomatic health. We are over 70% water.

All our cells and DNA need enough and clean water every day to function properly.

The quality of the water we drink today

The water we drink today does not hydrate us but toxin us. Chlorine and chemical waste burden our body and promote many pathological symptoms and premature aging. Plastic water bottles pollute our environment and it takes more than 500 years to break down while at the same time the water can be contaminated by the toxins contained in the plastic.

A 10 minute shower is like drinking chlorinated tap water all day.

"Orthomorian Water" the best water in the world

Those who have ever drunk natural, pure mountain spring water will have noticed the amazing beneficial properties it has on their health. It helps digestion, detoxifies, hydrates properly and rejuvenates the body.

The various rocks through which the water passes clean it, enrich it with nutrients and make it more energetic. This is the "Orthomolecular Water" that allows all normal cellular functions to occur properly promoting high levels of psychosomatic health. But since we can't take you to the source, we bring the source to your home.

The Revolutionary TENSA Method

Two stages of water treatment.

1st stage: Water is purified using nano-technology that does not allow a molecular weight above 0.3 microns to pass through. KDF-85 and KDF-55 substances improve the performance and increase the life of the activated carbon from natural coconut while also included are multiple layers of the special SPG sand used by Japanese hospitals to filter the blood of patients.

2nd stage: The water is protected from pathogens and at the same time enriched with nutrients that give it antibacterial, antioxidant and energetic properties.

What does all this mean?

Water is not only perfectly balanced and orthomolecular but something much more. It is extremely "energetic" with its improved molecular structure. It protects and revitalizes the entire body, the nervous system and the brain - which is 80% water - promoting high levels of psychosomatic health.

For this reason the method was named "TENSA" which in Japanese means "HEAVENLY WATER".

The natural, pure water TENSA...

It is free of pathogens, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

It has fluidity for better hydration of the body.

It enters the cells easily, detoxifies and strengthens them by transporting nutrients.

It has antioxidant and anti-pathogenic properties and balances the Ph of the blood.

It has an increased ability to dissolve and dilute solid elements for better cellular transport of nutrients and removal of toxins from the system.

It is enriched with minerals and trace elements present in Bakuhan rock. It contains silica that binds toxic aluminum and according to a recent French research protects against Alzheimer's disease.

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