Citrus Paradisi Εκχύλισμα Σπόρων ΓκρέιπΦρουτ 50ml

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Citrus Paradisi Εκχύλισμα Σπόρων ΓκρέιπΦρουτ 50ml

Citrus Paradisi Εκχύλισμα Σπόρων ΓκρέιπΦρουτ 50ml The infection influenza are among the diseases identified as colds. These two types are caused by viruses. Influenza infections are acute respiratory tract disorders, usually accompanied by fever. Occur with runny nose, hoarseness, cough, sore throat, headache, pain in the extremities, fatigue, dizziness, tachycardia, bronchitis or diarrhea.

Many people have reported quick relief or treatment of "cold", the practical application of citrate seed extract. The extract of the seeds of Grapefruit Citrus Paradisi the MORPHEUS HELLAS is certified without chloride venzethonio triclosan. The only pleasant taste. German product, 33% grapefruit seed extract.

- Helps the intestinal flora.

- Gives a successful and lasting results.

- Works against diarrhea, flu, eczema, skin fungus, dandruff, sinusitis, mouth ulcers, vaginal and intestinal Candida, food poisoning, vaginitis, cholera, small wounds, acne, herpes, fungal nails.

Packaging 50ml.