Compeed Pads for Blisters 10pcs

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Pads for blisters of Compeed company.


Designed for flawless appearance, these highly distinctive pads provide immediate pain relief while protecting blisters, as high and if your heels. Due to the unique technology of Compeed, these patches directly alleviate the pain and protect against abrasion. They are designed to remain in place, to absorb shock and provide flexibility. They remain in place for an average of 24 hours.

Apply the patch for blisters Compeed, clean skin, on the blister and check that the edges stick well. Leave it in place until it detaches itself. To remove the patch, do not pull it over but remove it slowly pulling parallel to the skin.

Do not use the patch Compeed in infected wound.
If they become adhesive residues may be removed with alcohol, taking into account the special fabric care instructions.

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