Demo New Sept Saline Solution 30x10ml

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The product Newsept is a sterile normal serum packaged in single-use plastic ampoules of 10ml. Each ml of solution contains 9 mg sodium chloride  and water for injections. Newsept  as sterile, isotonic, regulated aqueous solution is indicated for washing all types of contact lenses: soft, hard, air-permeable, coloured or not. complete infertility of the product
Single-use ampoules can also be used as sterile normal serum for eye and nasal washes. Its use is also safe in newborns.
Does not contain preservatives.

Sterile normal serum in plastic ampoules, contact lens rinsing.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.
If the solution contains sediment or is cloudy do not use it.
Do not use the product if the abula is opened or damaged.
After opening the unused product must be discarded.
It's not injectable.

Content - Packaging
30 ampoules of 10 ml each

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