Dermafil Ointment 20g

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Advanced Ointment body reconstruction is a natural way for healing of wounds, burns and ulcers of various causes (sores, hemorrhoids, diabetic sores).

Cares, protects and stimulates, has soothing effect.

Recommendation: Oily extract of plant roots Alkanna tinctoria (L.) Taush and extract of the plant Calendula officinalis (L.).

For better effectiveness of these two components is suggested to dissolve a lipophilic base. For this reason, the product includes olive oil, beeswax and gum.

It should be careful cleaning of the area, katopin be applying the ointment directly to the desired area of the body or in sterile gauze and bandage.
Frequency of use: once a day.

• Protect the wound from microbial resident population
• Development of granulation tissue protective
• epithelialization
• Wound Healing

Ointment for external use on the skin

Life: The ointment is life 48-month, after opening Use within 36 months.
Packing: 20g

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