Dermagor Creme Solaire Spf50+, 40ml

Product Sku: 24248

Product information



Sunscreen cream of Dermagor.


With UVA-UVB filters and SPF spf50, moisturizing sunscreen cream of Dermagor offers very high protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Richly illustrated with organic silicone, apricot kernel oil, micronized titanium, vitamin E, moisturizing and softening agents, helping to neutralize oxygen free radicals, preventing wrinkles from the sun. Additionally, renews and regenerates skin cells. The softening and moisturizing agents revitalize and fully hydrate the skin. Pleasant and suitable for use on all skin types.

Apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen of Dermagor evenly on your face before sun exposure. Reapply frequently especially after sweating, swimming and toweling.

Do not stay in the sun during the midday hours 12:00 -16: 00.
Do not expose children and infants in the sun.
Available in packs of 40 ml.

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