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Dobol Gel Pro Ant Bait trap for ants 2Pcs


Dobol Gel Pro Ant Bait is a contact or stomach insecticide for the treatment of all kinds of ants. The formulation acts as an attractant food and its insecticidal action is achieved with the active sodium cacodylate. The product contains the picrantic agent Denatonium benzoate at a concentration of 0.001% b/w to prevent accidental ingestion by children and animals. The ants, who are attracted to the bait, come into contact with the product, but also consume it, transporting it to the nest, where the whole colony is contaminated.

Insecticide formulation, fighting all kinds of ants.

Detach, pushing outward from the ready-to-use bait stations, the detachable parts and place them in the ants ' passages (e.g. kitchen, balconies, courtyards) or as close as possible to their nests to maximize Result. Place the Dobol Gel Pro Ant Bait in a horizontal position so that the ants are facilitated to pass through them. Replace them after 2-3 weeks if needed.

Internal use: 1-2 boxes per 10 sq. m.
Outdoor use: 1 box next to the nest.

Store in a dry and cool place, away from children.
Avoid release into the environment.

2 traps of 5g each.